Mariana believes that what music is to the ear, color is to the eye. Her exquisite creations make the woman who wears them glow with confidence and love for life.

Mariana has been creating distinctively beautiful jewels since 1997. Her exuberant sense of color and unexpected fusion of old and new, fabric and stone, material and spirit can be seen in every one of her pieces.

They are the foundation…the very heart and soul of her creations. 


Mariana’s jewelry has a lifetime guaranty, 
and is gold or silver plated , 
made with: Gem stones - (Special hand cut!!) 
Hand Made crystals and Fabric Beads, 
combined with Austrien crystals, 
some of them Antique and over 100 years old !!! 


Certificate of Guarantee

In order to preserve the item at its highest quality:

Avoid direct contact with water, moisturizing cream or perfume.

Mariana Jewelry has a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

General wear and tear or damage from improper use or not complying with care instructions are not covered by the warranty.

The following fall under warranty and are done at no charge:

  • Replace missing end charms or clasps
  • Replace missing stones or crystals 
  • Replace or replate items with defective plating upon arrival, or are broken down within a short period of time (as a sign of defectiveness- keep receipt (or proof of purchase) to ensure ability to replace under warranty)

Tank you :-)